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“I just wanted to tell you how much I love your flower cards…  They truly were 'Healing Petals' as I had just lost my fiance to a terrible lung disease before our wedding…  Thanks for sharing those beautiful and inspiring cards.”
Marge / Tennessee

Flowers speak a universal language of love and care. Even a single rose brings a smile and lifts the spirit.

Flowers are “sunshine, food and medicine to the soul,” wrote American botanist Luther Burbank over a century ago. From the ' 60s to the ' 80s "flower power" became a force to liberate and heal the wounds of a divided nation. Today researchers in the healing professions tell us over and over that a person’s environment has a direct effect on their physical, psychological, and spiritual well-being.

Results of numerous research projects by psychologist Jeannette Haviland-Jones at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, indicate that flowers:
•  Have an immediate impact on happiness, creating extraordinary delight and gratitude;
•  Have a long-term positive effect on mood, making people feel less depressed, anxious
  and agitated.
•  Make physical space more welcoming and create positive emotional feelings in people
   who enter the space.
•  Make a loving connection, leading to increased social contact with friends and family.
Healing Petals Heal the Spirit

Although most scientific research is with fresh flowers, there are many reasons why real flowers may not be suitable for many people.  They may be allergic to pollen or unable to tolerate perfumed scent including the smell of fresh flowers.  Real flowers inevitably fade and wilt. And maintaining fresh flowers can be a messy task that those who are elderly or ill may not be able to handle. 

Healing Petals Photographs are a creative resource that captures the best of nature’s abundant beauty in a way that transcends these limitations. With a unique eye for color, composition and lighting, Healing Petals photographer Elizabeth Thoman invites her viewers into the heart of each flower.

By focusing close and capturing one instant in the transient life of an exquisite bloom, Healing Petals  reveal more than what the eye alone can see. They speak directly to the soul.

Healing Petals are not just eye-catching; they are "heart-catching."
'Flower Power'  - It's for Real!
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