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Healing Petals is a collection of unique photographs to stimulate meditation, reflection and prayer in a process that is grounded in feminist spirituality, Buddhist philosophy, Christian theology and holistic health. 

For centuries, stained glass windows, icons, statues and paintings were created by artists to raise the “mind and heart” of the viewer to the Divine. Healing Petals carries that tradition into the 21st century with simple but elegant digital photographs of one of the great wonders of Creation: flowers in full bloom

With a unique eye for color, lighting and composition, photographer, artist and cancer survivor Elizabeth Thoman invites the viewer into the heart of each flower to discover the Oneness of all. 

For less than the price of flowers which are here today and gone tomorrow, Healing Petals cards, calendars and prints bring color and beauty to any space where peace and calm are needed to create an environment for physical, emotional or spiritual healing.

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“We are living in a world that is absolutely transparent, and God is shining through it all the time.”
- Thomas Merton
“We placed the tulip photograph we bought today on our fireplace mantle in our bedroom.  A sense of peace and calm came on me that I have never experienced before in my life… Thank you for being a channel of healing peace and joy.”here to add text."
--Bob and Ann / Los Angeles
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