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“The depth of beauty in my rose photograph is so lovely, I can smell it! “

Patty / Califiornia
A Wise One once said, "Flowers are God’s way of smiling at us!" When someone smiles at us, we not only smile back, but often strike up a conversation.  Healing Petals photographs capture many of the moments of Creation when God is obviously smiling -- the elegant folds of a calla lily, the exuberant colors of a bed of petunias, the delicate leaves of a golden rose. 

To pray is to acknowledge the Creator's smile and respond from your deepest self. Let your Healing Petalsphotograph not only create an environment for prayer and quiet reflection, let it also stimulate a loving conversation with the One you call Divine.

Prepare to Pray

Some Prayer Prompts

1. Allow God to speak to you through this flower, created in such beauty.
What feelings or thoughts or memories come to you?  
What does the image remind you of? 
What aspect of the flower are you drawn to?

2. At another time imagine yourself to BE the flower. 
Open your petals to feel the warmth of the sun and the gentle rain. 
Dig your toes into the moist soil.
Turn your face to the sky and smile back at the Creator Give thanks for the cycle of life
    and the beauty of the earth.

3. How is this flower like you?  How are you like the flower?
Let the flower open your heart and spirit to the presence of God, to prayer, to the experience
    of grace where you need it most.
Share what is in your heart in silent prayer, or with a close friend or spiritual guide.

4. Speak to the part of your body that is dis-eased
If you are experiencing illness, remember that being ill demands that we slow down                   our busy lives to take care of our body. . 
What does your body say to you about what it needs to feel better?  How do you respond? 
What changes in your life can you envision?

5. Gratitude is a natural extension of looking at the beauty of Creation. 
What are you thankful for today? 
If you are ill, can you feel any gratitude for your illness? 
Have any positive things happened to you or in your family as a result of your illness?

Throughout the day, let the Divine Healer speak to you through your flower, reassuring you that all shall be well according to God’s eternal plan of love. Share these experiences with others if you wish and may they bring you comfort, healing and hope. 

  • Select an image from our website or hold a card or print where you can see it clearly.
  • Take a deep breath and exhale slowly.  Then another.
  • Select one of the following prompts to focus your thoughts for a few minutes.
  • Keep breathing slowly and deeply.
The depth of beauty in my rose photograph is so lovely I can smell it!"

-- Patty / California
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