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Numerous comments are received each day
from patients and families about the sense of calm and beauty
the Healing Petals photographs bring to our patient rooms."
            ~ Jerry Kearney
According to Kearney, installing Healing Petals has allowed Saint Thomas to accomplish several of the consortium’s key concepts at once:

  Enhance the spiritual dimension
   Saint Thomas has long had a crucifix in each room but Healing Petals is a creative new way
   for both patients and staff to recognize the importance of the spiritual dimension in recovering one's            health after a medical emergency or serious illness.

    Beautiful flowers are universally familiar to all humankind regardless of age, gender, ethnicity or faith.
           Images of Creation speak the world’s most inclusive language.  

•   Warmth and comfort
    Hospital rooms tend to be on the sterile side so adding the colorful photographs is an aesthetic
            enhancement as well.

•   Resource for families
    Family members spend many long hours in patients’ rooms, often under great stress.  The
    photographs offer an opportunity for the family’s spiritual and emotional comfort as well.

Furthermore, facility designs utilizing Planetree’s principles result in life-enhancing, healing environments
that lead to:

•   Increased patient satisfaction.
•   Increased staff satisfaction.
•   Decreased employee turnover.

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•   Medical care that is patient-centered rather than provider-focused.
•   Quality nutritional food,
•   Opportunity for quiet meditation and spiritual reflection,
•   Access to nature and the arts, especially original art in patient rooms.
•   Support for friends and families and
•   An architectural and interior design conducive to human beings caring for
    and serving other human beings. .
A Case Study of the Healing Petals Installation
at Saint Thomas Hospital, Nashville, Tennessee

More than 'Pretty Pictures'
Saint Thomas Hospital is a leading member of the Planetree Alliance, a consortium of medical facilities that practice and promote “patient-centered care.” This philosophy recognizes the importance of an holistic approach to medical care – one that encourages healing in all dimensions – mental, emotional, spiritual and social as well as physical.   This includes:
Part II. Patient-Centered Care